Immortality – a poem

by Jul 13, 2004Poetry


What would Immortality
be like I wonder?
not the J.R.R. Tolkien kind,
where you just age really
slowly, but the Tuck Everlasting
kind, where you can’t die and
can’t be killed?

I don’t think I would
like it at all, especially
if I was the only one.
Everyone around me dying,
everyone getting old,
new life evolving, things
changing, but not me?

Change, although most people
these days don’t enjoy it
at all, would probably be
a yearning if you were Immortal.
Life, well it wouldn’t really
be life, but life would be

It’s like Tuck said about
His Immortality, “what we
Have, you can’t call it
living. We just… are, like
a rock caught at the
side of a stream that the
water just wares away at”

I personally think that
I would rather
face the passing pains of
Mortality rather than
The eternal anguish that
Immortality would bring.


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