I’m Still Just Me

by Jun 5, 2004Poetry

[BIt’s so quiet at the Havens
Where are all the mavens
I thought I heard an Elf peep
Oh la! It forced me to leap

I bumped my head on the ceiling
That lump, it left me reeling
It was in the shape of a ring
I thought for a moment I was King

My mind saw many different things
I even thought I had four wings!
My eyes went all hazy and weird
And just then my image appeared

But alas! I am still a girl
The path before is awhirl
I had to look in the mirror
To make the image clearer

No crown sat on my head
Only black hair instead
I still looked like me
You’ll just have to agree

I’m still a girl, not a Hobbit
But I just have to admit
If I could be Frodo for a day
I’d have to wear a toupee!

Nor in the mirror do I see an Elf
Just the image again of myself
No long, slender pointy ears
I’m afraid it’s no time for cheers

That’s me in there and not a dwarf
No small dwarf sitting by the wharf
Nor a long gnarly pointed beard
It’s me in there just as I feared

Oh to be a maiden in Middle Earth
Full of mischief, laughter, and mirth
I’d give anything just to be there
But all I see in the mirror is a tear

I suppose I shall have to dream
Or at least create some scheme
To draw me into Tolkien’s world
The vision has yet to be unfurled


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