If You Gave Smeagol a Safe. – a roundabout story

by Apr 8, 2004Poetry

If you gave smeagol a safe,he’d need prrrecciosses to put in it.
So if deagol found one,he’d choke him.
And if he choked deagol,then he’d have to run away.
And if he ran away,he’d need fishes to eat.
And he’d ask: “Is it tasty?Is it crunchable?(gollumgollum)”
If he needed fishes to eat,he’d go to the mountains to find a lake.
If he went to the mountains,he’d meet goblinses.
And if he met goblinses,he’d find out about their under ground lake.
If he found out about their underground lake,he’d go there.
If he went to the under ground lake,he’d meet Bilbo.
But if he met bilbo,he’d streal the precious.
And if bilbo stole the precious,he’d have to let “herrr”do it.
But if she couldn’t do it,he’d have to follow baggins and the fat hobbit to mordor to get it back.
And if he followed the fat one and baggins to mordor,he’d have to trick the filthy orcses.
If he tricked the filthy orcses,he’d make it to Mount Doom.
And if he made it to Mount Doom,he’d have to fight baggins for the precious.
If he had to fight baggins,he’d have to bite his finger off.
If he bit bagginses finger off,he’d get the precious.
If he got the precious,he’d fall into Mont Doom.
If he fell into Mount Doom,he’d die.
He’d die,if you gave Smeagfol a safe.
*I had tro write a round about story for writing class.I thought you guys might enjoy it!


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