If I Ever Fail You – A Lament of Hope

by May 8, 2005Poetry

Have I ever failed you?
Speak it true to me now
How have I just failed you?
When you tell me I’ll know how
To retrieve you from the darkness
Save you from despair
Reach in my hand of kindness
Bring you to the air

But if I’ve never failed you
Tell it to me now
And if I’ve never failed you
Why do you doubt just now?
Won’t I always be the same?
Won’t you always love me still?
Even if I go insane
Won’t you bend against your will?

But if I ever fail you
There’s one thing you must know
If ruin comes to wail you
There is one place you must go
For from the skies into the ocean
The Eru knows no limits
And you must find his motion
Even if you become so timid
That your eyes cannot avail you
And I lose power to prevail you
The Great Eru will not fail you

He will find you, He will bind you
To all that is worth the telling
And though I still will mind you
I’ll know you’re in better handling
For to the Undying Lands must you tread
To seek what was once gone and dead
And Eru will boost you far ahead
And I will sleep easy through this dread

Knowing that, though I’ve failed you
Life will continue still
And Eru will always mail you
To places against your will
And his plan will continue perfect
From the undone darkness to the light
And I will stand there and marvel it
And watch you day, and watch you night
If I ever fail you…


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