I’d Rather Be… – Song of Longing

by Apr 16, 2002Poetry

I’d rather be home
Than sitting here alone
Reflecting back on
Things I’ve said and done.

But then I’d rather be here
Facing all my fears
For in my heart
This battle must be won.

And if I said I was afraid, It wouldn’t be a lie.
Because sometimes, deep inside, I cry.

I’d rather know my way
Than suffer every day
Recalling all the
Memories that I’ve known.

But then I’d rather stay
Trying to find a way
And when I do
That’s when I’ll go back home.

Now when I face the dark, I won’t hide.
For although I’m afraid, I have pride.

I’d rather be strong
Than think that I was wrong
To come all this way
Just to turn and run.

But in my heart I know
That of the places that I go
My home is still
Always my favorite one.


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