I Will Not Be Left Behind – A poem by Meriadoc Brandybuck

by Feb 14, 2003Poetry

I Will Not Be Left Behind

I do not think I knew what was to come
When I set out from Rivendell.
I do not think that any of us knew
Our fate was not ours to tell.

I did not know that Gandalf
Mithrandir, Pilfrim Grey
Would battle with the Flame of Udun
And live another day.

I did not know that Boromir
Standing proud and tall
Would try to kill my kinsman
Then die defending us all.

I did not know that Aragorn
Would go against what Eomer said
To track us long through Rohan
Even though we might be dead.

I did not know that the elf and the dwarf
Without a second thought
Would form a lasting friendship:
Side by side they fought.

I did not know that the Seeing Stone
Would seize young Peregrin
Or that the great ent Fangorn
Would tell us of the years that have been.

Ever since I heard the stories
In immortal Elrond’s hall
I loved the tales of adventure
And could not resist their tempting call.

I know I am exceedingly small
In a wide and boundaryless time,
But I remember Lothlorien
And the Lady’s words spoken in my mind:

“Meriadoc, I know that you are small
But though now helpless you may seem,
Your courage is great, and you may do
Many things of which you only dream.”

So here I am riding of a horse
Riding northward to the blackest of gates
Feeling more and more a luggage bag
That everyone only hates.

But we are riding into battle
Where many things unseen
Could rule th fate of many
THe many of which I dream.

Lord Theoden, you may try to stop me,
A way to stop me you may try to find
But no matter what you do, no matter what you say:

I will not be left behind.


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