I Will Be Free

by Jul 6, 2004Poetry

-“What do you fear, lady?”
“A cage. To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.”

I am not a loving pet,
to be locked away at home.
I will not become a slave to you,
devoid of my own will.
You say you only wish,
to protect me from the fate,
that all of the young men most tread,
Death’s darkened shadowed gate.
You wish to keep me from the sword,
to save me from the war,
yet through my words you have not heard,
I fear that not at all.
I am not afraid of death or pain,
surely you know that, my brother.
Uncle, why must I stay behind,
when an iron cage is what makes me tremble?
You know not what the feeling is,
to be so trapped and lost.
Though I am surrounded by Rohan’s fields,
gray bars are all I know.
I am tired of waiting for you to come home,
hoping you have not died!
I am sick of the hopelessness that consumes me,
like a fire burning inside!
You grant me not my one wish,
to be free from a serving girl’s yoke,
so I will take it for myself,
you cannot command me anymore!
I will ride with you to Gondor,
though you will not see.
Finding my glory in battle,
seeking for death to take me.
You have kept under lock and key,
but now I have broken free!
And maybe when you find my lifeless body on the field,
you will be proud of me…


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