i-Valrog o Moria

by Feb 2, 2010Poetry

Shadow and flame;
Guard the bridge
Of Khazad-dûm.

Dúath a naur;
Iant dirn
O Khazad-dûm.

His footsteps echo through
The vast halls of Moria,
With the sound of his wings.

Glamren-en-badad trî
i-Dhemais o Moria daur
Caun-en-revail în.

His long-sword burns
Brighter than
The Eye of Mordor.

Magol în dorsta
Aglarwain or
i-Chen o Mordor.

Servant of Gothmog;
Flame of Udûn
Smothers the Light with Shadow.

Byr o Gothmog;
Naur o Udûn
i-Galad danna an dúath.

Durins’ bane
Resides with the Orcs
Deep within Moria.

Dagnir o Durin
Dartha na yrch
Nedh Moria nûr.

Such is a shadow;
Such is a flame;
Such is the Balrog of Moria.

i-Dúath hen;
i-Naur hen;
i-Valrog o Moria hen.


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