I Surrender

by Jan 3, 2005Poetry

A palette of stars glow from above
Twinkling brightly in a mystical sky
Specks of blue and green dazzling in your eyes
Cutting through the shadows of my world so dim
Mesmorizing tantalizing
Can’t let myself be pulled in.

Encouraged by your tender words
To set my sorrowful past free
And allow your yearning arms to envelope me
Letting my heartache and pain slowly melt
To get lost in a love like I’ve never felt.

Then your dreamy eyes capture mine
In a wordless gaze warm and sincere
Your gentle hands caressing as they pull me near
Into you I carelessly fall
Not caring if the world goes on at all.

Your closeness invades my will
I try in vain to fight still
Against a feeling so strong
I am hopelessly drawn
Maybe it is with you I belong.

Emotion taking over vanquishing all doubt
Promises to show me what loves all about
Devouring my trembling lips
In a kiss found only in dreams
Is he a chance worth taking
Yes my body silently screams
And I surrender.


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