I Must Go – A Poem

by Jun 26, 2002Poetry

How long have you been back from there?
For it seems you don’t suffer like me.
For my mind and heart are left behind,
Though my body wanders free.

As you walk close beside me,
My mind is still ensnared,
By some darkness still remaining,
From evil haunts, and shadow’s lairs.

Once darkness had consumed me.
Everything was lost and I in fear.
Not even light for me to cling to.
Even you had disappeared.

All hope had left me waiting,
For the sweet moment of life’s end,
But then a song was sung below me.
It gave me strength to live again.

Home was far behind me,
But something strong was at my side.
When I couldn’t walk you carried me;
My only light, my only guide.

Your eyes they speak far louder,
Than your words ever say.
“Please don’t leave me master.
Don’t die.” Then I can’t stay.

A million miles you’ve walked with me,
Or maybe it’s been more,
But tomorrow is the last time.
I shall ever walk through this door.

I have become weak once again,
But this time you can’t carry me.
I only wish for one thing from you.
For when I will have to leave.

I won’t, can’t say I’m leaving.
Oh, please don’t turn away.
I want your face remembered,
When memories of darkness fade.

Your smile brings me light again.
You give me strength once more.
I’ll still be waiting for you to follow.
I will remember you. I’m sure.

I can’t tell you what I’m planning.
For now I must be strong,
But darkness fades, for you’re beside me.
In the dark there is a song.


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