I longed for adventure – Pippin’s song about his friends

by Mar 30, 2004Poetry

When I was young I longed for adventure
I wanted to travel beyond my own gate
I begged my companions to let me come with them
When they left home to follow their fate

‘Cause I knew that I could be great on the journey
I would be wise and courageous and proud
I’d help on the mission to save our fair country
I’d show them if I was allowed

And it’s oh, ho, away we will go
Off to follow our quest
Set my feet on the road and I’ll travel it gladly
I’ll show you I’m one of the best!

Darkness appeared; my steps slowed and stumbled
Visions of evil flamed in the night
My heart nearly faltered but we struggled onward
Seeking a glimmer of light

And I wondered if I could continue the journey
I felt so weak and helpless and small
But all my companions, they lifted my spirits
They held me so I would not fall

And it’s oh, ho, I need to know
How to ease the sorrow and pain
How to lighten the burden my comrade must carry
So we can go home once again

Our company shattered; confusion and capture
I tried to be strong though I trembled with fear
I held onto Hope and I gathered my courage
And fought for all I held dear

And I knew that somehow I’d finish the journey
My heart had grown wiser and stronger and bright
I rode with the King and drew sword in the battle
As darkness erupted in light

And it’s oh, ho, all the skies were aglow
When the quest was fulfilled at the end
I joined in the cheers and the great celebration
For honor and glory and friends

When I returned they all called me a hero
They said that I saved their homes and their land
They said I was fearless and splendid and daring
And I smile ’cause they don’t understand

For I was the least of them all on that journey
I was too callow and foolish and young
I learned how to be a friend and a hero
From someone whose song is unsung

And oh, ho, I finally know
What it means to be valiant and bold
He left on a ship sailing West in the starlight
I’m left with a tale to be told.

And oh, ho, I want you to know
Why our home is so fine and so free
Oh, the gardens grow green and the flowers abundant
But the hero has gone ‘cross the Sea

When I was young, I longed for adventure
But my home is the best place to be…


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