I cannot dream

by Aug 13, 2004Poetry

Silently I wander, towards an ever-end
To where my truth grows stronger
As I pass every bend;
And though my road may wind so,
Before my weary feet
I shall journey onwards
Through this devil’s heat.

The road I tread, once pleasent,
Hath turn’d itself to ash,
And I fear, for all around me
The rage of shields clash,
And as I pass these boundries
I shudder at the weight, as
the ring aroung my neck pulls
me closer to my fate.

If I should ever dream
Of peace and long-agos,
Best to keep my heart light
As this burden grows.
I cannot see the shire,
I cannat dream at all,
But if I dreamed I’d stay there,
No dream left to me at all.


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