I am Old – Bilbo at Rivendell

by Aug 23, 2004Poetry

“I am Old, Gandalf,”
I said my to my friend,
As I talked of my life
There in old Bag End.

Something was wrong;
I felt change in the air.
My life wearing down,
Peace no longer there.

Now here in Imladris
Days softly go by
And I see all the changes
Time can no longer belie.

My skin it is wrinkled;
My hair lost its shine.
I can see the near ending
Of this life that was mine.

My past I write down
In a thick old red book.
I remember three trolls,
And tales from the Old Took.

So many dates to recall;
So many things to pass on,
But my time, it grows short
And the year’s nearly gone.

Now as the day wanes
The leaves scatter about
And I fight with my mind;
I struggle against doubt.

I send thoughts to Frodo
And the Dunedain as well.
May good fortune keep them
From Sauron’s dark hell.

May adventure I started
Safely end by their hands.
May friendship come calling
In dark distant lands.

Lord Elrond approaches
As a tear gently falls.
He takes my hand and leads
Through Rivendell’s halls.

We sit by the fireplace
In the great Elven space.
Arwen sits with me
Embers’ glow on her face.

I breathe a long sigh
As I drift once again,
Into slumber’s embrace
And the places I’ve been.

Then the elves smile sadly
And leave me to dream.
As my head falls to shoulder
Under moonlight’s bright beam.


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