I am of The Last Kingdom – Queen Sarany’s Monologue

by Mar 3, 2003Poetry

I am Queen Sarany.

My kingdom is the Last, the stop before the Havens Gray.
I stand alone, for my king is gone, sitting in the house of his ancestors retelling of the battle that took his life.

I reign supreme over all who enter my Gates.
My palace shines brightly under the Blessed star Elendil, for She herself touched it long ago. Never is it in darkness.

Their voices low, their heads bowed in reverance, they say their names to be written down in the Book of Life. Forever gone, but never forgotten. For this is my most awesome task. To celebrate and mourn their passing, seeing the change and keeping the traditions.

My head is heavy under the silver crown, my eyes tired. But ever I write, ever I go on. For me there is no end, not yet. Still so many names to write…

My Lord Aragorn calls to me ‘friend, come hither to my kingdom for I will help you bear your burden.’ I go to him, for I much desire the smiles and comforts of friends and family. But wait, who is that…?

His hair so fair, his eyes so bright. Son of Thranduil, I know his name…Legolas of the Woodland realm. But why do his eyes haunt me so? Do I not already have such a burden to carry? He holds my hand in his and suddenly, we are there in the Dream Time, in the special place where souls meet.

His smile overwhelms me, his heart protects me. Oh Elendil, most precous star, I thank you for this gift of Ageless Love.
Our souls are now forever intertwined, climbing through the cloudless sky, swimming the endless seas, running through the oldest forests. Forever, together.


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