I Am No Man

by Oct 18, 2006Poetry

(I don’t remember if I had already submitted this… Anyways, this is a poem that I wrote back in 2005. One of my earliest LOTR related poems. Hope you like!)

I am no man
I am Eowyn
Daughter of Eomund and Theodwyn
Sister of Eomer
Niece of Theoden
Skin as fair as snow
Hair of gold
I long to fight

I am a shieldmaiden
I fight for those I love
Even if there is doubt
I face fear head on

Despair fills my heart
Silent are my words
Strength is in my eyes
A sword in my right hand
Courage and bravery in my left
I fight for the people
I fight for Rohan
I am a shieldmaiden

I am no man


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