I Am in Love With the Evening Star – Aragorn’s prayer

by Jul 19, 2002Poetry

I am in love with the evening star
I used to be the night’s lover
I used to walk the wild
the wind blowing on my skin
far from company
when shadow
was falling all around me.

I was a hunter
a silent watcher in the dark
a restless questioner of my destiny
until an arrow pinned her to my heart

There she stood, like that Star
which kisses the earth good-night
I went adrift like in a dream
I fell in love with the light

I know a star is up and waits
Mine until the end of days
Whatever sky is there above me
it shapes her face

So if I have to lead them through this peril
if I have to take them down so far
I pray the moon will hide under a cloud
and reveal to me my guiding star

I found home
to my home I will return
my heart knows where you are
As my feet make for the darkest path
I know my evening star


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