Hurin’s Kin – …and the curse of Morgoth

by Feb 9, 2003Poetry

Returning from Morgoth, he sought ever far
Yet he had found naught but the grave of Turambar.
He unknowingly betrayed the realm of Gondolin;
A shadow lay ever upon Hurin’s kin –
A darkness that made the brightest light dim.
Never did he leave it, and it did not leave him.

Doom finally mastered the Master of Doom;
The Dragon he slew left him shrouded in gloom.
His beloved, his sister, she took him for dead –
She was struck by the words that Glaurung had said.
She was lost in the waters, and never was found
Yet her name earned its place on Turambar’s mound.

Eledhwen met Hurin after many long years
And she was not conquered and unstained by tears.
Yet still she departed along with the sun
And but a little while later his life, too, was gone.
The Nauglamir to Thingol he brought, both as gift and as fee
Then rumour tells he cast himself in the Sea.

Thus the curse ended on Arda the Young
And of many its deeds had been songs of old sung
Yet with Hurin it lives, and with all of his kin;
Turin had fallen, Nienor was lost in Teiglin…
Yet the memory lives, and in honour was death
That was caused by the curse of Morgoth’s great wrath.


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