How the mighty fall

by Jul 27, 2003Poetry

Ruined stone, and turrets bare,
Naked to the bitter air,
Emblem faded, once so strong,
Days of yore in pagen song.

Fallen glory, weed chocked land,
Where the mighty held their stand,
Flags amid the blood of war,
Cries to challange thunder roar.

Stone cold steel, taken life,
Stolen sprites, silver knife,
All the kings have rallied men,
Forever now, as it was then.

Forests burrned, dieing, dead,
Why not listen to what is said?
All must perish, all must die,
All must fear a darkened sky.

So, ruined stone, thy turrets bare,
Naked bones to naked air,
Emblem faded, once so strong,
Days of past in pagen song.


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