Hopw unquenchable – Just a little tribute to the great hero Samwise Gamgee

by May 30, 2005Poetry

Through darkness unbearable
Horror beyond all hope
You walked on with him

Each step more unbearable
Each waking moment a nightmare
Each breath heavier than the last
But you walked on

And you carried him on your back
You gave him all your food
When all was dark and the road had no end

Ringbearer even for a little while
Too far have you walked in the darkness
Too many tears have you shed
Go home to your green land, where your people need you

You still found courage in your heart
When all seemed dead around you
Even then you found hope

You watched him fall apart
You shed your brave tears
Until your feet wouldn’t carry you
But you got up and walked on

Of love for him you followed
Into a land of blackness and hate
And you walked every step of the way with him

Do not think of the darkness
For the Dark Tower is thrown down
And the Dark Lord defeated
Sleep now, and rest your tired feet

Soon you will be home
Hero of the West, Samwise Gamgee,
Harthad Uluithad

Samwise the Stouthearted
Ernil i Pheriannath
Noble and bravest of hobbits
Praise him with great praise!
Praise him with great praise!


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