Hopeless Prayer – A Young Soldier’s Plea

by Oct 5, 2003Poetry

Surrounded, besieged, helpless and weak;
the city won’t last another day.
We must resign ourselves to accept defeat.
It is evil’s time to reign.

If you grant men wishes, oh stars above,
let me place just two requests;
save from Sauron my one true love
and let there still be hope in the west,

Let light shine through on some dark day
even though all hope is gone,
and give my love a place to lay
so that she may sing just one more song,

Even if it be too small to see
let there be beauty hidden somewhere.
And bring Caspira back to me
with stars in her eyes and the sun in her hair.

Life was new and still before me
I had just grown of age and found true love.
I hate for it to end in the earth’s defeat
with only fire and dust above.

If it must end, so it shall be
but let me see her one last time.
If we are together, we shall be free
even if we are too young to die.

Alas that the stars do not twinkle above!
Shining in the blackness of the sky.
Alas that it is the end of all love!
I close my eyes and try not to cry.

I finish my long and hopeless prayer.
I continue to fight on the beaten wall.
I see an arrow fly through the air.
And with its bite, down I fall.

The bells peal in a darkened sky,
their voices scream, “All is gone.”
Through the storm I hear them cry.
The earth has sung its final song.


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