Hope From The Wind – Even in Mordor, There is Still Hope

by Mar 5, 2003Poetry

Something is happening out there today.
I can feel it in my very bones.
He’s not having it all his way.
I had forgotten that we weren’t alone.

Some where out there, on some battlefield
I know our companions have gained victory.
Can’t you see the darkness yield?
Can’t you feel the wind changing!

Look to the sky, look to the stars!
Something has changed, someone has won.
I know were here and the victory is still far
but somewhere out there is a rising sun.

In the end even darkness must pass,
someday stars will shine once more
Evil can conquer, but it cannot last.
It can win the battle, but never the war.

Because how can you run on hate and despair?
How can you live in a world with no light?
How can you last when there’s decay everywhere?
There cannot be a world that lives only at night.

Close your eyes and you can almost see
the bright golden sun burning the smoke.
Dry your tears and lean on me,
not yet will I give up hope.


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