Hope fades – Eowyns inner desparate struggle

by May 16, 2003Poetry

Why is this world filled with so much hate
Why do people have no hope
Why don’t people no longer believe in fate
Why do I have trouble to cope
I am so unsure, walking into darkness
Not knowing what I may become
Only knowing the world, so heartless
Which makes me feel so glum
I see a bird soar in the sky
So free, so pure, so true
I wish I could leave and fly
And go yonder into the blue
To this world to this destiny I am bound
To be filled with misery and despair
Rejected from a love new found
And forced to have hope through prayer
Forbidden to ride or fight
But death, death I seek
As I can see, there is no light
In this world so bleak
In disguise as a rider, I follow my fate
In which I hope I shall fight then die
I will be released from this world of hate
And my spirit will then be free to fly


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