Home at Last

by Jul 28, 2005Poetry

Brown the grass and gray the leaves,
Here in autumn amid the trees.
Here and there I, wandering, turn
More about this land to learn.
Now I pause `neath quaking limbs
As the evening light grows dim;
Night’s approaching: as it falls,
Night birds start their haunting calls,
Silvery light from yonder stars
Filters down in glimmering bars,
And glorious moonbeams shining down
Give me now a glowing crown.
Ah, Elbereth, our lady fair!
I can almost see her there;
A breath of wind now: did she pass?
A whisper: Here’s your home at last.
Mountains tall and forest here,
Vast, strange plains are also near;
So here I’ll dwell and learn their lore,
And roam and wander nevermore.


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