Hold On – Frodo Sam and temptation

by Jan 12, 2004Poetry

Holding Onto


Everything has a reason
Though we can never know
What we’re holding on to,
A love, light and happiness
That rises from all seasons.


What are we holding on to?
All is shadow and mist.
There never was happiness
Only this endless pain
And all I see is gold.

There is no reason
Only a dark embrace.
I’ve forgotten the taste of strawberries
And the sound of running water.
It’s gone away.

I will be lost to this,
I can not fight it.
Does it matter if I die?
Not if you do to.

For you I will hold on.


Hold on! Hold on!


They’re here. They’ve come
They’ve come to carry me away.
What is worth dying for?
Why do you stay?

All that is precious
Has blown away from me.
My soul is now all of ice,
Yet I look deep inside

And I know why
You hold on to me,
I see the Shire, and now I’m Free!


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