Hobbit’s Journey – by Kestral-Thanos

by Apr 4, 2002Poetry

Let us go together, you and me,
to bloody battlefield
to vents of sulfur smoke
to side of steward’s yield.

Let us go then, you and me,
Travel with wizard and kings,
Far from our country folk,
in the quest of the rings.

Let us then, you and me,
Trick our way from slavers dread,
to the shepherd of the hills,
and then to tower fly ahead.

Let us then, you and me,
through the sticky marshlands go.
Sting fat spider, heel sly slinker,
to the crack all alone.

Let us then, you and me,
gather at that white city.
Where, hailed as prices still.
Then, all changed,
to underhill.


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