Hobbits in the Shire – A poem about the shire and hobbits

by Mar 27, 2003Poetry

Not one of the best poems but i like the happiness of it it needs some work can you please give some tips, it seems like there is something missing

Joyful, sunny days pass by
Filled with fruits, puddings, teas, and pies
Hobbits laughing all filled with cheer
In hopes that it will be a good harvest year
Sunflowers shine as stalks lay beside the field
And from humans, hobbits stay concealed
Many hobbits like to smoke a pipe
Longbottom leaf or Old Toby are preference type
In hobbits lay the soul of the Shire
All hobbits have one desire
That is in something that starts small then grows
And of their pure nature it shows
They themselves have roots that are deep
And the rough storms and tough winter they can keep
When the right time comes the can bloom
And shed all worries, cares and gloom
The Shire is rich and hobbits richer still
Though it may not seem hobbits are of strong mind and will
Hobbits love to garden and drink ale
They have large hearts, immense smiles and are never pale
The Shire is their home, the Shire is their heart
And from it hobbits never like to part
They fit together, hobbits and the Shire
Contenting each other to their full desire


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