Heroes lie in the shadows – a poem about heroes and their time

by Feb 2, 2003Poetry

Heroes lie in the shadows, waiting for their time
And of an ordinary life they mime
But their destiny is not so
And their inner strength is hidden & laid low
They know in their heart of hearts their time must come
A normal life will be cast away & they will dance to the beat of their own drum
Through some extraordinary deed or task done
Comes a great responsibility, which weighs much more than a ton
They become a hero, forever entangled and covered in myth
But to these they laugh and do not have a tiff
They are our saviors, our beloved, our only hope
For we are falling, falling and they our are escape rope
They will lead us through times good and bad
And often hide their emotions whether they are happy or sad
Though they may not endure ages their legends will last
But nowadays heroes are hard to find & are a shadow of the past


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