Her Broken Heart

by Mar 9, 2006Poetry

Long Ago there was an elf maid
A beauty of life was she
Her hair was of a yellow shade
As gold as it could be

Her eyes were of an emerald green
Her lips did shame the rose
Everywhere she was the sceen
So lovely, the dream of boes

Admirers came and woed her heart
But she would not give in
For she would store away that part,
Refuse, and sadly grin

There is a cause to her rebuke
Though not so clearly seen
She was in love with a man, a Duke
She’d watch with eyes so keen

Invisible she was to him
Yet, she would hold no grudge
Because her heart was pure from sin
Her heart would never judge

She worked for the Duke mother
Who grew fond of her more and more
When she was seen by his brother
His heart belonged to him no more

One day when she was picking flowers
He came to her and knelt
He talked to her for hours and hours
Of how he dreamt and felt

But, sadly, she could not love him
Because she loved the Duke
So he looked at her quite dime
Because of her rebuke

However, he would not give up
For his heart was far from free
So he envited her to sup
With him and his family

That night the elf maid was wholly lost
Within the Duke’s eyes of blue
Never had she known love’s cost
For her love was strong and true

But, oh, Alas! When the Duke was close
To a Lady of pearls and jewels
It was then the Duke did propose,
“True love is a dream for fools!”

The maid then left, she’d heard enough
As tears ran down her cheek
Her heart was broke like a lonesome dove
Her life, she felt, was bleak

The Duke’s brother ran after her
And tried to hold her still
But of this woe there was no cure
To heal her heart and will

He pledged his love to her again
And told her, “It is true.
Accept my love and feel no pain
I’m in love with only you!”

To his dismay she shook her head
Refuse him like before
She looked at him and sadly said,
“My heart will love no more.”

Away she fled on heavy feet
And never did look back
Woeful was this maid, so sweet
Which love she now did lack


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