he stands not alone

by Apr 8, 2004Poetry

In the midst of battle a man of great valor
stands true to himself, defending for honor.
While thoughts race through his mind
Not an inch does he move
He stands tall;
brave man of Gondor
a warrior you look, though King you should be
and forever my heart will serve thee
take thy rightful place on the throne
so that you can see good done in your home.
O, man of Gondor, your friends are with you
we stay through the night, tried and true.
We fight, defending our comrade, our King
nothing could conquer your majesty, not even a ring.
O man of Gondor, faithful of Dunedain,
trust in us, it will be not in vain
though in your heart you are fighting for hope
O man of Gondor, you stand not alone


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