He Leaves

by Jul 9, 2004Poetry

My master,
I watch him,
My master,
I dream of him.
He gave us the slip,
But failed first,
A second time it happened,
and to tears we burst.

So here at last,
On the sea’s shore,
Comes the end to our fellowship,
It is now never more.
I felt his warm hands upon my face,
One last time,
The ship bore him away,
The wind shook the chimes.

So I watched,
Watched as my companions turned away.
I cried till nightfall,
My life went astray.
But I knew he would be happy,
I knew he would be fine,
For Gandalf was with him,
Yet the Red-book was now mine.

So as the tears streamed down,
I remembered happily,
The grey rain curtain,
Turned to silver glass.
Upon the white shores he land,
Singing was alas.
The green country ahead,
Soft feathers for his bed.

So I still weep,
For not all tears are an evil.


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