by May 4, 2005Poetry

Walk no more in the shadows, but awake….
I see you, stumbling,
hands outstretched
groping for slimy walls
that crumble at your touch
and fall away, leaving nothing
but a grey fog, grey sky,
grey sea, grey ground
that shifts and lurches mockingly
beneath your helpless shoes.
Neither sound, nor smell, nor taste
nor touch, not even pain,
only the endless pall
of utter solitude.
Your lids would close, preferring
the belly of downright darkness
to this obscene cloud through which
skulled visages leer
in unabated slander.

Then at last, a faint light flickers;
a star, it seems,
blooms in the inert veil.
A fair face peers out
whispering your name
in seductive accents
warm as a dovecall
bidding you turn from
the endless sea of self
beckoning your steps
to the harbor of the void.
Heed it not, brother.
Turn your eyes before you.
See where a boat of radiance
has reached your grisly island.
To be sure, your passage
will not be smooth. Pain and sorrow
will greet your disembarkment;
your head may turn back
to that siren voice
that promises a gentler bed.
But heed not that counterfeit call.
Come breathe the silver air.
A victorious haven waits
where loving hands will ease
your tired brows, glowing eyes
would smile on your return,
shoulders of healing lean
to catch your tears. I have
no gleaming promises for you,
no citadels of shining
no prophecies of delight;
I can lay no petaled path
beneath your broken feet.
I can but show you
the gemmed and singing range
where the beacons of hope
spread their beams
throughout the fragrant slopes
where joy dwells.
My heart tells me
your true home awaits you there
if you would build it, knowing
that a battered land
still has sore need
of your industry and gifts.
Come back to the light.
Take my hand;
`tis but a step
into the dawn…..


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