Hail, Éowyn – A poem to Éowyn

by Apr 16, 2004Poetry

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Hail Éowyn, Éomund’s daughter,
royal maiden, Rohan’s flower.
Lady of the line of queens,
fairest of the folk of Eorl.

Hail Éowyn, Éomund’s daughter,
Surrounded by darkness, seeking death,
dreaming of war and deeds of valour,
shieldmaiden with the strength of kings.

Hail Éowyn, Éomund’s daughter,
bane of shadow, bright in the sunrise,
slender as steel-blade, strong and fair,
flame upon the field of battle.

Hail Éowyn, Éomund’s daughter,
lovely in sorrow, lily stricken,
clad in frost by winter’s cold,
White Lady of the land of Rohan.

Hail Éowyn, healer and bride.
Your frost has yielded. Your flower blooms
gold as the sun and white as snow,
in joy and beauty, blessed by love.

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