Grima, a man of wit

by Oct 20, 2003Poetry

Slimy, evil plotting beast
A man so hideous in his schemes

He has a plan; he’ll claim her hand,
And settle in a quiet land
He will have power; he will have gold
He will be revered among young and old

But he has counted all but one
There is still hope; there is still life
In this old mans batter life
Its true he fears
Its true he hides
But dark are now his times
He has to stand; He has to fight
And with him fight
The good worlds might
His name is Theoden, Rohans Lord
All will flee his host’s onslaught

Now Grima has to run and hide
His master will behis only hide
He has the power, he now will rule
The world he will in one move rule
When finally all will leave their sword
He will then get his works reward
And all will finally admit,
Grima is a man of wit.


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