Great Spiral Staircase

by Feb 18, 2004Poetry

I’m a little hesitant to take this big step
I’m told the first is one of the hardest
Starting a new path, writing my own story.
Sometimes you must be brave.

I’m walking up this great spiral staircase
Not knowing where it goes.
I’m walking along with many friends and foes.
Some stay while others fall away,
On this spiral staircase.

I look back. The road is blocked.
This is a one way street.
I could go left and I could go right,
But they only go down and I don’t want to fall.

So I’ll keep walking up this great spiral staircase.
Never knowing where it goes.
Still discovering who are my friends or foes.
Old dreams fade while new ones come to stay,
On this spiral staircase.


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