Great Horse King

by Aug 9, 2010Poetry

Once proud King
Now humbled by spell.
One false truthsayer.
Vile words, Death’s knell.

Four travelers harken
To halls now dim.
The Wizard approaches.
Grim greeting, salutes him.

Searing White power
Through pale oak staff.
The Hand is defeated.
Thrown down, burnt chaff.

Eyes now open
The King is healed.
Long slumber ended.
Proud heart, deeds sealed.

Warned of disaster,
Flee for their lives.
Mountain side fortress.
Look East, day five.

Walls beaten down,
Hoard at the gate.
All hope lost.
Two men, one fate.

Ride out together
The King and Ranger.
Death and Glory.
Fell deeds, much danger.

Blinding dawn light
From over yon hill.
The Wizard is leading.
No quarter, fierce will.

None can escape
The Riders and Mage.
Meet in the middle.
Ranger, King and Sage.

Fortnight has past,
The beacons burn bright.
Aid thy ally.
Make haste, dark night.

Battle is raging
Orc, Goblin and troll.
White City burning.
Lost hope, death’s knoll.

King and Host
Appear at the last.
Horns are blaring.
Fight hard, ride fast.

Into the fray,
Fell army and King.
Horse banners waving.
As they slew they did sing.

Alas, cometh Death
On black, leathery wing.
Crushed, near spent.
Valiant man, brave King.

Maiden in armour
Intercede for her King.
Slay the Demon.
Black Wraith, One Ring.

Eye’s heavy lids,
Smile upon his face.
Meet his Fathers.
No regret, no disgrace.

Small, white flowers
Now laid in a ring.
Sleep with honor.
All Hail, Horse King.


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