Goodbye – Sam’s farewell

by Aug 22, 2002Poetry

Frodo and Sam: true legends.
Sam had to continue.
He had to go on.
To save Middle-earth,
though he knew it was wrong.

He looked ahead,
and saw nothing but fear.
The barren wasteland of Mordor
was growing near.

Behind was of no comfort
for all was of dark and gloom.
The shivering Shelob lay,
awaiting her doom.

And as Frodo lay there,
Sam let out a choked murmer;
“Please, Mr.Frodo!
I can go no further.”

As Boromirs words echoed,
Sam held out the Ring.
“So much suffering,
over so small a thing.”

And a single tear,
welled in Sam’s eye,
then rolled down his cheek
as he whispered, “Goodbye.”


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