Good prevailed over evil

by Jun 9, 2004Poetry

Rain soaked clothes clinging,
dark hair wet against my somber face
the thoughts of the ones I love,
in my mind I hold and embrace

With enemy near,
the battle is about to begin
their evil forms shrouded in shadow
this could be the end of all men

Mind alert muscles taut,
eyes transfixed ahead
spirits restless weapons ready,
pushing aside heavy feelings of dread

In cold darkness they attack,
loved ones crying for our safe return
as rain falls like tears from the sky,
women waiting for our fate to learn

They felt the sting of our swords,
death reflecting from their heartless eyes
our wave of army breaks upon them,
this night they will meet their demise

And at the end men stood valiant,
we endured an uncertain fate
good prevailed over evil,
proving love is stronger than hate

For many generations after,
by fireside this tale was told
and came into legend,
told to the young by the old


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