Good bye – partly stolen poem

by Aug 14, 2003Poetry

It’s been so many years now,
A lifetime so it seems –
We’ve walked one road together
And shared our hopes and dreams.

Held on to one another,
Brought each other hope.
So hard to let you go now
I’ll miss your smile warm.

So many years are gone now,
Times won’t be the same.
The promises must be hold on,
All fears must be forsake.

So hard to say good bye.
So hurts to be apart.
Holding back the cries,
That’s sure to break my heart

Memories of days
And everything we’ve done
Deep down in my soul,-
Our hearts forever bound.

Remembering the laughter,
Smiling through the tears,
Shadows in the darkness,
A shoulder for my fears.

Just look at all we’ve been through,
How much we must endure.
The time we spent together
Will fill our hearts with truth.

So hard to say good bye.
My eyes are full of tears,
But hope would never die –
In distant land we’ll meet.


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