Gollum’s fear – I really pity him

by Aug 25, 2003Poetry

Light reminds me,
I was happy then,
Safe away from deeds of men,
In my life,
My house, my hole.
I killed my friend.
I lost controll.

The moon I envy,
It can change,
Safe away from fire and range,
In my life,
My dreams, my hope,
I lied to cheat.
My fire, my smoke.

The dawn I fear,
To live once more,
Shivering wreck upon the floor,
In my life,
My pain, my grief.
I’ve lost myself.
I’ve lost belief.

I long to die now,
But I cannot,
To live, to die, its not a lot,
In my life,
My curse, my cure.
To live in shadows.


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