Golden Queen – A Poem

by Apr 16, 2002Poetry

She rules her land
With golden hand, and a powerful
As she sits upon her leafy throne,
Eight guests her subjects bring.
She is the most beauteous
Some of them have ever seen.
Her eyes delve deep into their minds,
Their very souls.
She welcomes them,
The One-Ringbearer,
Along with his companions.
To the Golden Wood,
They come for food and peace.
She welcomes them,
Gives what she can,
Shelter in the least.
While others rest,
He lies awake;
She summons him to her glen.
There stood a small and silver pool
For him to gaze in.
“Look into the water,”
Says she,
“And tell me what you see,
For it shows all that has been,
All that is,
And all that will come to be!”
He sees the Shire
And a Great and Terrible Eye!
Pulling his bane and burden
With great force.
The One-Ringbearer, frightened,
Offers Her his Ring;
She must not be tempted,
Or of her Doom the bards shall sing!
“If I had the power,
All would love me and despair!”
But, no, she cannot take it,
For she has passed the Test;
She and all her people must retreat, now, to the
Yet, one token she shall leave him,
A small and sacred phial bright,
Filled with wondrous starlight.
For she shall be remembered forever
As the Queen Galadriel,
Who helped to save the Ringbearer,
When his Journey went unwell.


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