Gethír Tinúviel

by Apr 15, 2010Poetry

Gethír Tinúviel


I long to hear the song of Tinúviel
For such a voice divine;
I cling to the very hope,
That one day she may be mine.
Aníron lasto i-‘lîr-en- Tinúviel
An lam hen aglareb;
Gerin an i-estel vinai,
i-arad vin he na nîn.
I long to revel in the beauty of Tinúviel
For such a beauty undefined;
A spell she doth have over I,
Thine own eyes entwined.
Aníron gell nedh i-vain-en-Tinúviel
An i-vain ú-chenio;
L ûth he gâr ornin,
Hin nín nedh gonathras.
I long to touch the elegant Tinúviel
Soft and warm; a breeze on summer’s day,
One swift touch from her
And forever I shall stay.
Aníron presto Tinúviel aglareb
Voe a laug; hwest erin arad-en-laer,
Presto min geleg o he
A anann innas darin.
I long to speak with the gracious Tinúviel
For her words fill me with joy,
Calm and understood I become;
Often sometimes coy.
Aníron pedo na aglar an Tinúviel aglareb
An ho pith pathro nin glass,
Im thala achennasion;
Im rem chínion.
I long to look upon the smile of Tinúviel
Instilled with hope and peace,
To see this smile would
Make my troubles; cease.
Aníron tiro am i-‘ethír-en-Tinúviel
Gethír bant o estel a sîdh,
Tiro gethír hen
Caro coel nín; daro.
I spy from afar, the awful Tinúviel
Golden locks atop her crown;
Reflect the pale moon
As together, in the grass, we lay down.
Palan cenin Tinúviel taur
Finnel valthen bo ho dôl;
Síla i-gronún ‘gael
Godref havo amen nedh thâr.
Radiant Tinúviel questions me,
“Art thou happy with I? Or doth thee hast woe?”
“Oh Tinúviel, if I hast woe, ’tis we are mortal,
With thee I shall be more jovial than thou ever can know.
Tinúviel ‘aladeb pêd anim,
“Le ‘lass anim? Egor garich naeth?”
“Nae, Tinúviel! Ae gerin naeth, na ten amen fíreb,
An le im ovor an gelir ú-lû istach.”


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