Gandalf the Grey – A Poem of his Fall with the Balrog and of what will come

by Sep 21, 2002Poetry

Mithrandir, Gandalf the Grey
What about him do they say?
He and four others came from the Sea
To help Middle Earth in its time of great need

You helped Bilbo and the dwarves
When they were caught by the Trolls
You helped Frodo bear the Burden the Ring
Into Moria, the Fellowship you did bring

But where are you now oh Gandalf the Grey?
Where have you gone on this somber day?
For against the Balrog you stood brave
So the Fellowship you might save

But will we ever again see you?
Yes because you will make it through
You have not gone into the deep abyss
Though you are not dead you are missed

For one day you will return
And everyone will soon learn
That you will come back as white
With Strider, Legolas, Gimli you will reunite

You will conquer Saruman and again see
The hobbit Frodo and you and he
Will depart to go to the Sea and spend eternity
With the Elves and Frodo in harmony

When tales speak of you people will hear
Of your story and they will shed a tear
When they hear of the abyss in which you did fall
And of how you saved Middle Earth and its all


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