Galadriel’s thoughts as she left Middle-Earth

by Mar 31, 2003Poetry

I leave my love and sail into the West,
My labors are done, I’ve passed the test.
Ages numerous as the stars,
I’ve dwellt on the shores of Arda Marred.
My doom is fullfilled.
I’ve ruled my own realm and lived to be
The noblest and last of all Noldor queens.
And now I feel the day draws near
When Men will live in peace and without fear.
Their king is strong and wise,
Yet his empowering has been our demise.
A sign of doom that must be
To beckon my kindred to the Sea.
For, things that once were have outstayed their day,
The world has changed as the Onodrim say.
I return now to my home in the West,
Leaving the lands that once I loved best.
O, Lothlorien, fair land of golden leaf and silver tree,
Nevermore shall I look upon thee!
And forevermore deaf shall I be
To the song of the falls of Nimrodel,
For my heart yearns for the songs of the Sea,
So to you my sweet stream I bid my last farewell!
And farewell to the dew upon Amroth’s green hill
Where now in cold loneliness still bloom fair elanor and sweet niphredil.
I’ve laboured long and hard against Middle-earth’s plight,
And only now may I hope to pass the gates of night.
I stand alone upon the prow
As the vessel ascends to the clowds.
Will I pass? Or be denied?
O how long my heart with fear has cried!
I see the gate…
I embrace my fate…
And lo! the ship has passed!
The hill of Tuna shimmers blessed.
The night is gone and dawn is here,
The day is young and nothing stirs,
It is quiet and no light is on
In the diamond-dusted streets of Elven-Tirion.


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