Galadriel’s crown – As I wove it…

by Jan 7, 2004Poetry

A crown I wove, of fragrent bloom,
Under stars and under moon;
By the love of happy bliss-
O! To live and die by this.

My hand did in swift motion bind
The golden sun and spring entwined,
As the silver rivers sang to me
Of the shores beyond the sea.

And in my turn, so did I sing
Of the hopes this crown should bring;
Of the dawn and of the night;
Reflections of etheral light.

My hope, I saw, as I did sit,
And elanor and nimphreill knit,
Was love, and dreams, for dreams are so;
Become as one, and never go.

And so, this crown I wove became
The adornment of a Queen of fame,
A spring time bloom, of long lost pride,
For thoes whom by her shall abide.

O Elven Queen- to my lone heart
We are as such, a world apart-
For I the moon and thee the sun,
Celesterial thy mantel spun.


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