Galadriel – On leaving the undying lands

by Nov 25, 2003Poetry

Forever stands before us all,
Is this a chance we need?
Alas this yearning now should call,
In folly, hope or greed.

In lands afar lie years,
To heal the mind and soul,
Yet the oath they swore, whom fears
He who lost controll?

I am but one of many,
But alone shall seek my plight,
A vengeful wrath not within me
Gave me speed to shores of night.

A hope my heart should follow,
A dream, a chance, a yearn,
Unlike the other, hollow,
To cherish and to learn.

And beauty led us hither,
A vengence for a prize,
Yet spring time roses wither,
And stars behold my eyes.

How hatred led me far away,
Loyalty put to test,
And not the night, and not the day
Shall give my heart its rest.


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