From Death, Life

by Jun 20, 2006Poetry

There is a journey we all must take
Where may it lead, what is at stake?
Shall there be darkness, shall there be light?
Is it good morning, is it good night?
Sorrowful tears, memories unfold
Deep in our minds to have and to hold
Look back in time and refrain
Blemished recollections become free of pain
Open thy heart which shall open thy mind
Let the new moments begin to unwind
From this time forward, time now speeds
Returning the flesh to once was seed
It will be then, as it was in the beginning
A journey, though confusing, a race we’re winning!
A time to reconnect a spirit once broken
And leave this earth, a last breath thy token
For in the end remains not love
As a whispered feather from the dove
It hides in the midst of first morning frost
Found wanting for ready souls to cross
And in return, for love is not greedy
And such the living soul so very needy
Traces of light left behind to be seen
Rekindle our thoughts to what has been
Receive new breath when light strikes thy face
And amongst all the others take up thy place
Such when the symphony is yet to compose
Or the bud of the soon to be flowering rose
Add strength of compassion, willing and free
Your life, once more, it forever shall be!
A journey, though confusing, a race we’re winning!
It will be then, as it was in the beginning


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