Frodo’s thoughts after his return to the Shire

by Feb 6, 2004Poetry

Fields and rivers, grass and friends
Parties, laughs and smoking herbs
Oh! Shire my beloved land
Why can’t I feel you in my heart
Where is the peace I used to find
With out ever having to try
as soon as I, walked out of my door
in Bag End where Bilbo smoked
his pipe weed and sang his songs,
I never thought that I would see
a day the ring would perish
and I, would live
in the same rooms I used to be
Before I left as Mr. Underhill,
And here I am during the spring
A day in hobbiton the green
that everything seems to me so strange
there is no peace for me in this place
not for me who wore the One
and walked upon the Darkest land
to claim to be the same again
even in heavenly Shire where I am,
I hear the call I have to go
The choice is one although I know
I’ll never see the fields and grass
I’ll never party or smoke with lads
that love and cherish deep inside,
Alas! no cure there is for me
unless I sail and leave behind
All that I have saved for others to find.


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