Frodo’s Song

by Aug 20, 2004Poetry

My eyes, so wearied by what they have seen,
Have lost their innocent, youthful gleam.
My heart has been ruthlessy bruised and turned,
And cannot appreciate the peace it yearned.
My body, torn by rock, tooth, sword and mile,
Can never recover from this terrible trial.
My hands, that felt they could not hold on,
Are scarred and twisted with finger gone.

My mind, etched with visions I cannot forget,
Relives the memories of confusion and fret.
So much that I wish to leave behind,
These times and places I long to lose –
And never find.

Farewell is never easy to say,
But I must leave and make my own way.
Do not weep or shed a tear,
For blessed memories can always be near.
More joyful times free from care,
In our thoughts, will always be there.

White shores call me now,
And I will always think of how,
We laughed and spoke and drank together,
These dearest thoughts I will treasure forever.


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