Frodo’s Journey

by Mar 2, 2004Poetry

Under skies of crimson ash
I hear the war horn blow,
And every ember of a hope
Sleeps were the shadows grow,
And venture on to starless light
Shall I, as is my need,
Beyond the seasons, into hell,
For Isildur’s greed.

The moon is lost, as too the sun,
And mountains capture light,
My weary feet just stumble on,
All through the day and night,
No water runs, no flower grows
No lark sings in the eve,
And this is hope? Then be it so;
Im not sure I believe.

And true the Shire as it was,
Or as it is, I hope,
The only thing that in my mind
To dark shall not elope;
My home, my life, O happy days
In fields lain of gold,
Remember me, though far away,
Ye to my heart I hold.


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