Frodo’s Journey: – A Concise version of LOTR set to verse. Part One:

by Apr 6, 2004Poetry

A bright young Hobbit, wise and brave,
By name of Frodo Baggins went
Until one day Mithrandir came,
And he on journey long was sent.

With him went the wizard dear,
Sam, Merry, Pippin, Strider tall
Gimli, Legolas, Boromir,
They came, someone had sent them all.

In Rivendell he joined with them;
Over many miles they slowly strode
To mountains high, thru forests dim,
Continuing along the road.

A Warg attack, a Watcher cold,
They gained the cave, then traveled on
A Balrog came, the bane of old
They grappled, fell, Gandalf was gone.

The cave they fled, then tears did fall
They thought about their noble guide,
His life he gave to save them all
It hurt their hearts that he had died.

Lothlorien! They hurried through
Close pursued by Orcs that night,
They crossed a stream. The Nimrodel
And elves there stood, with arrows bright.

Galadriel to them gave gifts:
Eight warm cloaks of Elven grey,
Some Elvish waybread, three small boats,
And `ere the dawn, sent them away.

They paddled down the Anduin,
Saruman sent his orcs to find
The Fellowship at Amon Hen,
Gollum followed close behind.

Their journey down the River ceased,
Rauros falls had passed them by
Legolas shot a flying beast,
He felled it, screeching from the sky.

Frodo went off to walk alone,
Boromir begged to use the Ring
But Frodo would not to him loan
For he was bent on other things.

He fled the wood, along with Sam,
They did not see the Uruk-Hai
Who caught the Hobbits, killed the Man,
Though with last breath he them defied.

Aragorn and Legolas, there
Did lay him in a boat of grey,
They sang of him, so tall and fair,
As swift Rauros bore him away.

The Hunters Three at once set out,
Merry and Pip they hoped to save.
Did they still live? There was some doubt
They tracked the orcs with faces grave.

To be continued in The Two Towers.


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